Sealed In Strength


~There are a lot of twists that completely blindsided me. ~Tonya
~Suspenseful and action packed conclusion to the trilogy! ~Tpagirl

Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling author Ryan Michele brings the suspenseful and action-packed conclusion to Crow & Rylynn’s love story.

Mine. Rylynn is mine.
And I dare anyone to challenge it. Even her.

Loyalty and trust is engrained in our blood.
The Ravage Motorcycle Club’s ties have become stronger than ever.

Yet, some dare to try.

The biggest mistake my enemies can make is to assume Rylynn is my weakness.
Instead, she has made me stronger, harder, and more determined to protect what is mine.

Friend or foe, I will never let another person get between us.
No matter the risk.
No matter the pain.
No matter the consequences.

In the end, nothing can keep us apart.