Ravage Me Reviews

“Ravage Me delivered a hell of a steamy, original, badass biker chick book. This story offered a completely different take on any MC book I have read in the past, and I absolutely loved it.” ~ Rhayne, Guilty Pleasures

“Dirty, direct, and down right delicious!” ~Amazon Best Selling Author S.K. Hartley

“This book has so many twists and turns in the plot that it will keep you on the edge of your seat.” ~Brianna—Amazon

“All I can say is Harlow aka Princess is one badass chick!! I was hooked from the beginning and couldn’t put it down until I finished.” ~Julie—Amazon

“I love the characters and story line! It’s gritty and engrossing, just the way a MC book should be.” ~Heidi–Amazon

“3 words for this book…..TOTALLY FREAKING AMAZING!!!!” ~Candi—Goodreads

“HOLY HOT DAMN!!! Think my panties just combusted!” ~Laura—Goodreads

Challenged Reviews

“I’m not going to give anything away with my review, but let me say this book is hot as hll!! Trixie is one bad #ss girl and I loved every minute of her. And while you love Trixie, you’ll fall in love with Cade! He’s all part dark, tough, brooding and dirty…..everything you’d ever want in a man!! This book will bring you to your news, but in a good way. And when you are standing again, you’ll be fanning yourself with how hot it is!! But that’s all I’m saying about this, you’ll have to read the book for yourself!!!” ~ Melissa Mendoza with Alpha Book Club

“Ryan you have done it again. I didn’t know how I was going to like the new MC books but you did great. I loved Trixie and Cade. I love that they had something so special to them years ago. I can’t say much of it gives the story away but it is hot and raw with emotion. Love alpha males with big hearts only for there one.” ~Amazon Reviewer

“OMG this book really hit me hard; as in I couldn’t put it down when first I got a few chapters in. It’s well written, well thought through and sexy as sin. On top of that, it’s always a refreshing to meet a strong, independent female Narrator who can hold her own. Trixie made me want to be her and Cade made me swoon with his dominance and thoughtfulness. So all in all I’d say this book indeed deserves the 5 stars <3” ~Amazon Reviewer

“What an intense ride this book was, I completely enjoyed every page. I loved all the characters. The storyline was fast paced and smooth. The writing was excellent and allowed you the reader to be consumed within the story.” ~  Hellmouth’s Bookblog & Reviews

“Let me start out with the fact that i fell in a lust/ hate relationship (more lust then hate) with Cade before he even said more then a handful of words just by the way Trix remembered him. He is a big, bad, alpha male that is the prez of a MC. She runs a strip club. Cade was her high school love that for some reason left her high and dry out of nowhere. Business brought her to his club, and right back to his arms. Can he earn her trust, love and respect again? Can she learn to let go of the past? This book was so great i literally did not put down my kindle. Once again Ryan Michele wowed me with her writing.” ~Crissy Sutclife for Headtripping Books

“This book had a lot of ups and downs that I kept reading to find out what was going to happen. The sex was hot but the story was so much better. Ryan Michele kept me guessing and usually I was wrong. The ending…OMG!” ~Jaime for Mommy’s Naughty Playground

Seduce Me Reviews

“Where Ravage Me was pure grit, Seduce Me is pure emotions. yes you have club action, but this is much more focused on the relationship between both Casey and G.T and the relationship she has with the club and where she fits in to it. It has the angst factor.” ~Emma from!seduce-me-by-ryan-michele/chlt

“After reading Ravage Me, I thought that Seduce Me would follow the same writing style, but it was completely different in a very good way. There was so much more emotion and connection with the characters. It was still a biker book, with all things bikers, but there was a great story that established an emotional connection with the reader.” ~Lisa from

“The mystery in this story rocked! I sat on the edge of my seat for a better part of the book wondering how it was all going to play out.” Red Hot Reads–

“The world that Ryan Michele creates in Seduce Me reads like a made for tv series!! The layers to the Ravage Motorcycle club unravel with each new chapter. The relationship between Casey and GT is realistic, full of angst, and a true work in progress. Their story and life in the club is laced with suspense and some hot romance. It’s an interesting twist on the world of the MC. So – what’s not to love?”  ~

“These characters went straight to my heart.” ~

“This book gave me the feels. I felt the words. I felt the emotions – the pain, the love, the anger, the happiness, the grief. I felt every beat and every emotion; hell I had tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat the entire time. I.FELT.IT.” ~Danielle –Mean Girls Luv Books

“I was sucked into the story, that was it. Casey and G.T.’s story will take you on a roller coaster of emotions. I cried, I laughed, and best of all, I fell even more in love with Ravage MC. If you are looking for a new MC series with heart, action, suspense, a great story and of course some HOT SMEXIN’ , then do not pass up Ravage MC.” ~Piper—Guilty Pleasures

“Seduce Me is filled with action, drama, suspense, a hot and sexy hero and a kick ass heroine.” ~Three chicks and Their Books–

“I found this book a lot more emotionally then the first and I certainly shed a tear while reading this, if a bad ass biker can cry then so can I !” ~Kelly’s Kindle Konfessions —

“Full of passion, heartache, and love, Seduce Me is a story that is not soon to be forgotten.” ~

“Get ready to take a crazy ride filled with drama, tragedy, love, and steamy scenes.” ~–blitz/seduce-me-ravage-mc-2-by-ryan-michele-blog-tour

“Ryan Michele scores with an addition to her Ravage MC series. Seduce Me is every bit as scorching as Ravage Me, and the story? Just as gritty, dirty, mysterious as ever. Ryan Michele has no problems laying it all out on the pages. That’s the only warning your going to get from me. Ravage MC is hardcore. Period.” ~Amy Turn the Pages

“Engaging, engrossing, exceptionally written novel that pulled me right in. Sassy and witty. Flirty and ballsy. Addictive and so sizzling hot. Emotional and powerful. The feels… This novel is so perfectly written that you can feel every single emotion which I did. My heartstrings were tugged quite a few times. And the chills were running through my body.” ~Rumpled Sheets

“The story was well-developed and still fast-paced. I did not want to turn off the Kindle and go to sleep last night.” ~Page Princess

“I’m usually on the fence about reading the second and third book of a series b/c I’m always afraid it wont hold a light to the first book. But, let me tell you, HOLY SHIT! This book was smoking.” ~MaRanda  Sassy Sext Addiction Book Lovers

“This book touches on much more emotional subjects which at times had me bawling like a big fat baby! It was nice to see a much softer side to the club in comparison to what we saw in Ravage Me.” ~Taylor—Taylor and Trina’s Bedtime Stories

“Fall in love with the Ravage MC, they are all worth loving in some way.” ~Keepin It Real Book Blog

Consume Me Reviews

“Tug – ex-Army, biker, prospect, and all around bad ass wants Blaze and won’t take no for an answer. Blaze has a past and doesn’t want anyone to get close, but Tug wants Blaze no matter what and what Tug wants he gets.” ~Brynne – Amazon

“Once again Ryan Michele brings the reader into the Ravage MC world with cameos from previous characters. As the reader you will feel like you are right there with Tug, Blaze and Ravage. Looking forward to seeing what happens next with Ravage MC.” ~Jeneane – Amazon

“Ryan Michele did not let me down with this second book in the series! I LOVE MC books, and I could not put this book down. The fire and chemistry between Blaze and Tug is amazing, and Tug’s alpha-male attitude is sexy as hell!!” ~Lustful Literature

Satisfy Me Reviews

“Just wow, really WOW!!! Words cannot say much or anything at all about this amazing short story. I loved every minute I took reading this. It was on my mind all day at work and as soon as I opened my door I was craving my kindle to read more. The author once again really out did herself this time.” ~ Johnnie-Marie Howard – Amazon

“Love! Love! Love! This book was all about our favorite MC couples and the love they have. They may have biker men but that doesn’t mean they can tuck away the hard exterior for a little soft time with the women that tamed their hearts and claimed their love. This book was full of surprises, twists, turns, and some seriously sexy times!” ~Bianna – Renee Entress’s  Blog

“I cannot express how much I loved this book. I fell in love with each couple with reading their book and I loved getting an update on each one of them. I finished this book in one sitting. It deserves all 5 stars!!!” ~Nikki – Blogger for Saints and Sinners Books

Rattle Me Reviews

“Their chemistry just grew hotter and hotter in this novella. I loved seeing the characters from the previous books and seeing how everyone is doing. This is one of my favorite MC series and it just keeps getting better and better!! I am so excited for the next book in this series!! Amazing job Ryan Michele!!” ~ Elizabeth – Amazon

“Casey is her same stubborn self. She’s not one to be walked over, but knows when to allow others to help. G.T. has grown so much from his manwhore ways. He is loving and attentive, but of course he is still a total cave man! This was just another peak to wet your appetite while we wait for the next book in the series to come out and I for one can’t wait!” ~Book Junky Girls

“Rattle Me was a perfect conclusion for GT and Casey. You first meet these two in Seduce Me, which I would highly recommend reading, because it really gives you insight as to where these two are coming from and it’s a really good book.” ~Lea’s Book Blog

Inflame Me Reviews

“I read the whole book from front to back in one sitting. I totally ignored all of my wifely responsibilities and let the kids fend for themselves. I’m afraid that it’s gonna catch up with me eventually and they will gang up on me and try to enforce some intervention. Until then, they need to understand that when I’m being ravaged, seduced, consumed, satisfied, rattled or inflamed…don’t mess with me.” ~Rosa – iScream Books Blog –

“One thing I love about Ryan Michele’s writing is she describes her characters enough to give you an idea of what they look like but not so much that you can’t let your mind mold them into what you want them to look like. Shy lays the foundation of this gorgeous tattooed biker and my mind fills in the blanks.” ~Amy – FMR Book Grind –

“Their scorching hot and very unexpected pairing along with all the twists and turns make Inflame Me another winner in my book. Looking forward to the next installment!” ~Marlene – Somertime Book Blog –

“This story was everything I had hoped it would be and more. Everything you can hope for in an MC story. I want to give you soo much more but I can’t without giving spoilers 🙁  I will say some HOT sexy time, a bit of violence, and an alpha male that makes your panties wet. I give this 5 stars.” ~Jennifer – MJ’s Book Blog –

“I think this may be Ryan Michelle at her best. It may be my favorite of the Ravage series. Well, no, right close behind Princess and Cruz. And believe me, that says a lot considering I’ve read everything she’s written.” ~Dee – Books Chocolate and Lipgloss –

“Ryan makes each book stand on their own and fit perfectly into the series theme.  You’ll fall in love with each character as the series continues, but each one has his or her unique personality.” ~Lauren – Saints and Sinners Books –


Raber Wolf Pack Book One Reviews

“This was a fantastic paranormal/shifter book!! I thought that all of the characters were awesome (even the mean/evil ones). Xavier & Zara were perfect for each other. When their connection was sparked it was electrifying right from the start. I loved how protective they were of each other.” ~ Elizabeth – Amazon

“This was a sexy and quick read. I kept fanning myself all through the book. The sex and hottness factor was off the charts. Xavier… sigh… the man.. wolf..drool………………… He was commanding and soft, lovable and firm. A great leader, a fierce mate, and a superb lover. He was an enigma that I needed to unravel, and within no time, I fell in love with him.” ~Carissa – Got More Books Blog

“Bottom line, Raber Wolf is the perfect book for all PNR lovers and Ryan Michele lovers. This book has everything; suspense, romance, drama, and gritty fight scenes. I can’t wait to read the books that continue this series and I hope that Ryan Michele feels the need to branch out into more of the paranormal world so that I (as well as others who love her work) can enjoy any other shifters and the like that she feels inspired to write about.” ~Leona – Goodreads Reviewer

Raber Wolf Pack Book Two Reviews

“I love this series and was excited to read book #2. The story begins with Kenly on the run from a group of wolves and running down an alley to get away. But the story isn’t your typical damsel in distress, falls for hot Mr. Rescue me, and they live happily ever after. No, this is something different.” ~ C. Melloh – Amazon

“I loved these characters and also the side characters. I felt I was able to connect with the characters and the story was a great read. I highly recommend this book and this series.” ~Renee Entress Blog

Raber Wolf Pack Book Three Reviews

“So many awesome action packed scenes are in this amazing conclusion. This series is one of my favorites. This is a new genre for Ryan Michele and she nailed it. Here’s to hoping she continues her writing journey with more paranormal stories.” ~Jen – Just One More Page

“I can’t express, how fabulous, the story was. I was so immersed in to the journey. It made me happy and apprehensive. To almost resign and then be filled with anger and full of fight. I was mournful and gutted. I had tears I my eyes after the war. Well, okay. I had tears more times, then on that moment. It really had emotion moments. Also sweet and sometimes sour ones.” ~Neringa Neringiukas – Goodreads Reviewer

Blood & Loyalties – A Mafia Romance Reviews

“I adore this author. She is an amazing writer who gives you romance like no other. She has written, contemporary romance, paranormal romance, MC romance, and now we are on to her new style… mafia romance. And can I say that I am digging this particular genre lately? I love the edgy and gritty storyline they provide and Ryan Michele gave us that and so much more with this book.” ~ Brianna – Renee Entress Book Blog

“Ryan Michele you are amazing. This is a fantastic story. Family is the backbone of this one. No matter what happens you never turn on family.  Jag has put in his time and moved up the ranks. When he is summoned he is intrigued by the bosses daughter. She is a spitfire who can definitely take care of herself. The pull is instantaneous.  Catarina is a feisty woman that I absolutely love. She does not hold back her punches. She is not someone to piss off. I love how she deals with her cheating ex it made me happy to see no tears for Rina.  The chemistry is fantastic and I found it extremely hard to put this book down.” ~ Loves 2 Read Romance – Amazon

“Ryan Michele created a fabulous romance but took it even further with an underlying sense of suspense. There was always something going on in the background, at first with the family and Jag, and then later with Catarina. She gave me just enough to keep me guessing.” ~ Erin – Nerdy Dirty & Flirty Book Blog

“If you are looking for a book with dangerous mafia men, gritty, dark scenes then this is the book for you. Lots of twists and turns with have you heading in one direction, then make your head spin as it takes you in another.” ~ Mazzy – Obsessed by Books

“This is another fabulous story. Full of everything a reader could want. Love, romance, sexiness, action, sass… I flow into the story easily. Not for a moment I wanted to stop reading. I loved each characters. They each brought in some amazing moments.” ~Neringa – Amazon

“Wow! Love the cover! Love the book! Mafia romance storyline that will draw your attention, is action packed, suspenseful and full of scorching heat. Catarina Lambardoni a Mafia princess, successful in the business world but not so much in her personal life. Bad boy Jag Maratelli is sexy as sin and is a Mafia boss’s right hand. Within the first meeting between their attraction and chemistry was hot, hot, hot. Despite outside obstacles, family betrayal and danger lurking, Jag knows Catarina is something special he doesn’t want to let go of. Would recommend.” ~ Amazon Customer

Needing to Fall Reviews

“The whole book felt like a journey. It was special, and sad, and happy, and gripping, and there were shocks and surprises, and growth, and failure, and life just happened. Definitely the best Michele has ever written! She really took her writing to a whole new level with this book.” ~ Author Kristin R. Campbell

“I cannot say enough about how much I loved this book. It was so hard to read some of the sadness, but the journey was absolutely beautiful. This is, by far, my favorite book by Ryan Michele.” ~ Goodreads Reviewer

“Among my favorites by Ryan. This book really pulled my heart strings. I was emotional. I cried. I laughed. I felt Reign’s pain. This book made me feel it all. I just couldn’t put it down.” ~Jackie – Fire and Ice Book Reviews

“The deeper I got into the story the more enthralled I became.  Things didn’t play out like expected, I was constantly getting surprised by twists in the story.  The reaction I was expecting wasn’t the one I would get, the story would veer to left when I was sure it was on a straight path.  Several times I had to stop and re-read a section just to be sure what I read was really happening.  Ryan Michele did an outstanding job with this book.” ~ Amy from Garden of REden’s Facebook page

“I absolutely loved Reign’s friendship with Andi. I think Andi was just a great friend who knew Reign had a troubled past, and helped her in any way she could, but didn’t push. Some parts of this book was hard for me to read, but it was so amazingly written that I couldn’t put it down. Ryan Michele brought us into the mind of Reign and showed us her story. I loved watching Reign heal and become the beautiful woman that she never thought she was.” ~ Elizabeth – Crazii Bitches Book Blog

“This is a way different type of book for me to read from Ryan Michele……and my hats off to her. She told this story with such heart and I don’t know how she did it. PTSD is not something alot of people want to talk about or acknowledge, but it’s real and Ryan told this story of Reign and Lynx perfectly, two damaged people that need time love and healing. I could not put this down!!!” ~Amazon reviewer

” The twists, turns and tears (happy and sad) were mind and heart gripping. Ryan Michele gave me a read that shows the ups and downs of life, the amount of strength we need and the support we need. There are a few things that stood out most 1) Knowledge is Power and 2) we all have a person somewhere. Raine and Lynx are two people that seem to be underwater and are trying to surface. They may be Needing To Fall but can they catch each other? Fabulous and outstanding 5 star read from Ryan Michele.” ~Sinful Swag and Sass –

“All I wanted to do through this whole story was hug Reign and wanted to yell at the injustice that this poor girl went through. In the end she hit rock bottom ,but the reason why will totally surprise you. Now Reign will have to learn how to pull herself back together again,can she do it ? But is she strong enough to do it or not ? The amazing transformation that Reign goes through is so touching it will have you tearing up for her. I could go on and tell you more about this story but that would spoil it for you. I highly recommend that you read this great story ,because you won’t be disappointed.” ~ Bella’s Blog –


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