Bound By Wreckage


~ The story is full of tension and suspense. The writing was phenomenal, with swings of tragedy and loyalty in the tale that [tore] my heart out and made me gasp. ~Goodreads Reviewer 

Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling author Ryan Michele brings a second chance romance filled with twists,turns and intense love. 

Wrecked. Damaged. Bound.

Carsyn Devero is in too deep. The skeletons in her closet come out daily to remind her of the past she can’t escape. Broken and beaten, there is no out.


Lennox “Nox” Cruz can’t turn his back. No matter the collateral damage, he can’t walk away. He simply isn’t that kind of man.

second chance encounter brings a boy who is now a man back into her world. As much as she knows she needs to walk away for everyone’s safety, Nox won’t let her.

She’s stuck and doesn’t want to drag him down into her storm. He’s relentless and refuses to let her fall.

They’re bound by the wreckage, only holding onto hope no one else will go down with them. With Ravage MC at his back, will they find their way out to a future together?