Bound By Passion


Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling author Ryan Michele brings the action-packed, suspenseful, spicy romance filled with angst, loyalty, and family.

Raid bled the blood of the club. 

Undeniably loyal. Focused on family. Determined.
His thought processes would make any other man cringe.
Calculating. Meticulous. Always thinking.
Guilt to this day for ruining his brother’s life due to his actions always lurked in his mind.

Nyx wanted to blend into the background, work and live a life of peace and safety.
Something she lost growing up and desperately craved.
Choosing Sumner, Georgia she’d hoped to find just that.
Undetected and under the radar always fighting under the surface.

spark of passion connects Raid and Nyx creating a bond they both desperately want.

Except the past never stays in the past.

When it collides with the present, everyone’s world gets tilted on its axis and threatens to implode not only for them but the entire Ravage MC family.