Bound By Desire


~Deke has stolen my heart and I never want it back! ~Robyn

~Just finished this book and I don’t know whether to cry or take a cold shower. ~Goodreads Reader


Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling author Ryan Michele brings a family betrayal to the forefront and brings two lost souls together in an intense romance that explodes in passion.


Have you ever wanted something so badly it consumes you?

There is a fine line between needs and wants.

Deke Gavelson has wanted his Ravage MC cut for as long as he can remember. He’s earned it. He was born to be in this club. He’s not afraid to fight for his place, either. 

Then she barrels into his world, and Deke suddenly desires something more than his rag and winning the next round. 

Rylie Hollister has lived through hell and back. Each event makes her the strong, independent woman she is today. Until a bitter underground fighter threatens to turn her plans upside down.

These two are bound by their desires, but oh, how that changes when his intensity meets her passion.