Out with the old in with the new!

Ryan Uncategorized

Another year has come and gone. It seems like it was way too fast, but alas we’re in 2019. Last year was an adventure. I wrote six full length novels and co-wrote three novels. It was also a new adventure with writing a trilogy. It was very unexpected, but ended up kicking ass. Those three books were some of my best work.

This year, the plan is to write Wrong Way’s book. I’ve started Connected in Code and so love Hayden. She is awesome. As of right now, it will be a trilogy, but it could change. I never know for sure what they want me to say.

I know several of you would like to have Bound by Destruction and I’m hoping Micah will start talking to me. He’s being very quiet. Then there’s also Axton, Raiden, Booker and Mazie–so many children. Just so you know, there will be a time jump! There has to be.

This year will be full of fun and excitement. I can’t wait for the words to flow!

If you haven’t picked up your copies of the Ravage MC Rebellion series, you should!