Satisfy Me


Valentine’s Day is hot.

Bikers make it hotter.

Cruz & Princess

What happens when your son has to remind you that it’s Valentine’s Day? What does a man do for a woman that’s not into the roses and chocolate bull they put on television? Cruz may have forgotten, but he still has a few surprises up his tattooed sleeve. Princess has some tricks of her own, ones that will guarantee, Cruz enjoys one hot, rough and wet ride.

Tug & Blaze

Fire, passion and peacock feathers? Tug knows what he wants and exactly how to get it. Tug and Blaze’s flame might be brand new, but it’s true and red hot.

GT & Casey

Despite a bumpy road, GT and Casey have pulled through. Their connection, memories, and past have brought them to this point in their lives. GT comes off hard, but underneath he loves his Angel to the core. He may not celebrate Valentine’s, but this one will be a day that’ll change him forever.

**Satisfy Me (Ravage MC #3.5) is a novella that must be read in order with: Ravage Me, Seduce Me, Consume Me, Satisfy Me, Rattle Me, Inflame Me and Captivate Me.**