Fueled In Fire


~This book and their journey were everything… sexy, intense, suspenseful, dangerous, twisted, gritty, raw, passionate, undeniable, and completely unforgettable in every single way there was. -Brianna 

Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling author Ryan Michele brings suspense, drama, action, twists and edge of your set chemistry in the second book in the Crow & Rylynn Trilogy.

I did it. I chose him.

Pain is written all over Crow’s strong face. When our eyes connect, I feel it just as he does.

He was my solace once, now it’s my turn to pay him back.

The disappointment in my father’s eyes is seared into my memory, burning deep in my soul, my family loyalty tested.

We were given a second chance and I took it, the pull to him strong and demanding.

But leaving the Sumner Ravage MC, my home and going to Rebellion, comes at a very stiff price.

The path chosen isn’t paved with good intentions.

The man I thought I’d fallen in love with is all a dream.

Fake. A façade.

When my eyes open, my world becomes clear.

The lies are too big.
The betrayals too harsh.
The secrets one too many.
His actions speak louder than his words ever have.

And I’m a HuttonRavage. Fierce and strong.

Crow did it.

Now it’s my turn …