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Coming home from the Marines, Micah Tugger doesn’t know what to expect, but knows there are consequences to pay to the Ravage Motorcycle Club.

He’d left Sumner, Georgia a confused boy and now has come back a man, one who knows what he wants in life and that includes his family.

But will the brothers of the Ravage MC accept him? Or turn him away?

Add in a secret surprise that calls him daddy, Micah is in for a hell of a ride.

Ensley has had to run from home hoping for a better life for her daughter than the strict religious one she grew up in. It hasn’t been easy, but luckily she found a family of her own making.

But just when she gets comfortable, the man from her one night stand appears back in her life. Will he try and take her little girl from her? Or will there be a second chance at love in her future?


**Special thanks to:

Cover Design by Cassy Roop at Pink Ink Designs

Photography by Golden Czermak at FuriousFotog

Models: David & Kayla Cook



Bound by Consequences: A Motorcycle Club Romance (Bound #7) (Ravage MC #13) ©2019-20 Wicked Words Publishing, LLC – Ryan Michele

This is unedited and subject to change.

Chapter One


The wheels touched down on the tarmac causing the plane to jolt around and for us passengers to shift a bit in our seats. The woman next to me squealed so loud it echoed in my ears. It wasn’t that bad of a landing. I’d had worse, lots worse. This was just a small glitch. A bump in the road.

If this scared her, being on an Osprey and landing on a dirt field with no wheels to the ground and no runway, teetering from side to side would give her a heart attack. Her fears, her reaction were nothing compared to the pounding inside my chest. It had absolutely nothing to do with this plane or the rough landing though.

It was all about the place.

Sumner, Georgia.

Home. Or at least it was at one time.

Now, it seemed like a distant memory. Another life. Another person living it. Another world.

It had been four and a half years since I’d stepped foot on Sumner soil. Even on leave, I chose other places to go, much to my mother’s dismay. My father and her would come and meet me at times, but it would only be for a couple of days.

It was best that way.

Short term seeing my folks kept the topics from getting heavy with the shit going on at home. With it being complicated out in field and me needing my mind on my mission, the heavy needed to stay in the recesses so the present could overrule. Shit at home meant nothing when bullets were flying and your fellow Marines needed you to have their back. They came first. Everything else had to take a back seat.

Everything was different for me now. Not that anyone here knew shit about me now and I preferred it this way.

Things were complicated enough for me where home was concerned.

My father was a member of the Ravage Motorcycle Club. He eats and breathes the way of the brotherhood since before I was born.

The club had consumed my life since being brought into this world sucking everything up with it. My father was always out with his brothers and would leave my mother home alone while he did whatever it was he did.

Every party we attended was at the clubhouse or another club member’s home. We had no one outside of the club. Even the kids at school stayed away from me saying their parents feared my father.

All the moments, situations encompassed the club and in the end my feelings for it turned bitter and resentful.

With that and my adolescent attitude, my mouth ran spewing things that could never be taken back. Against the club. Against my father. Against everything. I was so over all of it then and let it be known to anyone who’d listen.

Those words I’d have to answer for. The time to pay the piper so to speak was long overdue. Knowing that the moment those hateful words spilled from my lips retribution would come, didn’t stop me then, but now I know I’d done wrong and I was more than ready to get everything out. To be released from this chain that has held me down for so long, by any means necessary. It was time to release myself.

I was a boy, lost in a world of chaos. Now, I was a man who understood my naivety, immaturity, and downright defiance were wrong and out of place. It was a very powerful realization.

The announcement bell pinged as we gathered our things getting ready to exit the plane. All I hoped was there wouldn’t be to big of a delay. I missed my parents. We may not have seen eye to eye, but they were my family it was time for me to fill the breech. Time to let the past lie and move on.

“If everyone would kindly keep your seats, we have a local hero in our mitts and the Captain would like him to exit the plane first.”

Some flights did this, while others didn’t. It wasn’t something that bothered me nor was it something I craved. It was just part of the job and this was a way to show respect. We didn’t do this job for the recognition though. We did it because we believed in the United States, our country. It’s the land of the free, because of the brave, as my mother would say.

The crowd looked around with groans on their lips. This was something else. Some people were pissed that the Captain would take five minutes to let someone off first. They’d give you the snide eye or say something moronic, but all I could do was think I fought so you could act like an ass and say whatever you want. It wasn’t worth the time to get angry about. Life moved on.

While others were happy to sit and wait, even giving us a round of applause. Each person had a different view of seeing Marine or supporting the military in general. It was that freedom for them to choose their path was why we do what we do. Why we spent sleepless nights in the smoking hot desert and put our lives in jeopardy every minute of the day.

I stood for the red, white and blue. My country. The one I fought for so the people on this plane could moan and groan about being inconvenienced. It was what it was.

It wasn’t like my seabag didn’t give it away. The large waterproof green duffel bag was my life for four long years. While packing it certainly took practice, I had packed up and carried mine on. My high and tight hair cut, standard military order also did nothing to hide the fact that I was a member of the service. The United States Marine Corps to be exact. Who Oorah!

The cockpit was opened and the Captain stepped out walking straight to me. Rising from the chair and standing in the isle, the Captain held out his hand. “Thank you for your service.”

Shaking his hand, I nodded in answer. There were no words that needed to be said.

“Get home.”

Yep. It was time to go home and see how my life would be now. What had changed. What was the same. Who would hate me, which I knew a lot would. It was part of it.

My mother, also known as Blaze, was the first person I saw exiting the plane, tears streaming down her face. Her hand in a fist over her lips as she tried to breathe. She’d always been beautiful and that hadn’t changed one bit. Even with read streaks down her face.

Next to her was my father, but he went by Tug. He had a wide smile on his face. We had shit to work out, but he was obviously happy to have me home. There was a time I never thought we would be in this place, but I’m damn sure glad we were now. It took a long time. When he told me he was proud of me two years ago after meeting me for a visit, the tenseness in our relationship began to slightly uncoil. There was a lot more to go, but it was a start and I’d take it.

What I didn’t expect was to see and shocked me to my core……

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