The Trilogy is now COMPLETE!

Many of you have been patiently (okay not so patiently 🙂 ) waiting for Sealed in Strength to come out so you could learn the conclusion to this kickass story. The wait is now over.

Whether you’re just starting the series or finishing it, this is one of the most gratifying series I’ve written. Very in-depth. Very action filled. Very emotionally angsty. Very suspenseful. Very intriguing. Very gripping. Very exciting. Very gratifying.

If you’re looking for a read with all of those things, then this trilogy is for you!! Don’t miss it.

Series Reading Order:

Connected in Pain

Fueled in Fire

Sealed in Strength

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Want a taste of Sealed in Strength?? Here ya go!

Chapter Two–Rylynn


Reactions. My father always taught me that you can’t control other’s reactions. They had different ways of handling situations and were going to do what they wanted to do. Right or wrong it didn’t matter. It was their cross to bear.

But you could control yours. You could control the way your body moved and the words that came out of your mouth. It wasn’t something to learn overnight. Me, I’d taken to the lesson with ease. It was part of me, possibly in my genes.

Therefore, my face did not show the shock, hurt, anger and disappointment of seeing this woman open the door to Crow’s home. My body didn’t jerk or twitch giving her any indication of my feelings inside. While my veins bubbled with acid, there were no flinches giving it away.



The woman was beautiful. There was no getting around it. Her hair was long and falling over her shoulders and back, face with light makeup showing her flawless skin. She had to be around Crow’s age, but I would guess she was younger from her appearance.

The once beautiful face from just moments ago turned cold as ice as she recognized me. She hated me, and good thing because the feeling was mutual.

“What are you doing here?” she demanded, putting her hand on the door to block my way inside the house. Unfortunately, that pit of doubt hit me hard as flashes of Sophia and Crow kissing moved through my mind. If I could erase those memories, I would in a second. Unfortunately, I knew, they were never going away. I’d need to learn to deal.

On the way here, I called Crow. He told me he had club business and where the key to the house was located, giving me the security code. He was happy, excited to see me. Told me he missed me laying in his arms at night. That he missed my smartass mouth, and we’d made plans to be together tonight for dinner.

We were going to order in and just be together, shutting out the world around us. He even had Goldi watching Van to give us time.

There was no way on this planet that Crow would plan all of that and then have Sophia here to greet me when I showed up. He knew the consequences of this action.

My instincts to protect my heart were playing games in my head. Not going to lie, part of me wanted to get in my Jeep and head back to Sumner. Back to where life was safe. Where these emotions wouldn’t become so much I wanted to scream.

It was an impulsive reaction, and I’d done enough of those lately. I guess thinking about it, my father’s lessons only worked when I did what I was supposed to. Needed to work on that.

“Didn’t know you were gonna be here to welcome me, Sophia,” I said on a wide smile, letting her read whatever in the hell she wanted to with it. Fuck her.

BOOM! Yep. It’s getting intense. Come along for the ride!

<3 Ryan