It’s finally time. Bound by Wreckage is ready to hit your e-reader.

Look at what early reviewers are saying:

“Freaking Hell! This is a rough one. Bound by Wreckage is an emotional read.
I felt everything reading this book, sadness pity happiness guilt revulsion humor arousal fear and so much more.
There is lots of inner dialogue that allows me to connect with Carsyn and Nox. Lots of tender moments making me want NOX for myself. Lots of troubles happening in the MC keeping me in suspense. Lots of “OMG” moments making me crave more.” ~Early Reviewer

“AACCKKK!!!!! Ok this has got to be my favorite Bound book so far… Ryan Michele has totally outdone herself with Bound by Wreckage.” ~Early Reviewer

“Bound by Wreckage by Ryan Michele is amazing. Ryan pulls out all the stops and leave you in tears. Nox and Carsyn’s story is one that will leave you wrecked.”  ~Early Reviewer

“This book has wrecked me, in a magnificent way! The story as always by Ryan Michele is heartfelt, emotional and filled with twists and turns that keep you bound and willing to come back for more.” ~Early Reviewer

This book has everything! I can’t wait for you to read it.