I’m so excited to share with you the cover of Bound by Family!

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It took me a while to find just the right picture for Cooper and this one nailed it!


Presents! Bound by Family!





Bound by Family (The Ravage MC Bound Series Book One)

Cover Design by Cassy Roop at Pink Ink Designs

Photography by Wander Aguiar Photography

Models are Jamie Walker and Tiffany Marie



Cooper Cruz knows what it means to be surrounded and bound by family. Loyalty, brotherhood, and protection are all learned, earned, and respected by him and the Ravage Motorcycle Club family he grew up in. At the same, he’s a man, having fun and living the life he has always envisioned, until a trip to Florida changes everything.

Bristyl Daniels knows what it means to be smothered and bound by family. Bonds run deep with her father and all the members of the Sinister Sons Motorcycle Club she has grown up in. But now she’s all woman and wishes they would see she isn’t a little girl anymore. Then one phone call gives her a chance meeting with a hunk of a man she can’t get off her mind.

When her favorite band comes to play at a motorcycle rally in her hometown, Bristyl decides it’s worth the risk to sneak off for a little fun. When a situation gets heated, though, Cooper and the Ravage MC step in, setting off a chain of events, both good and bad in both their lives.

As the dust settles, Bristyl will have to come to some very hard decisions. Meanwhile, Cooper knows exactly what he wants. To hell with the consequences.

** Bound by Family (Ravage MC Bound Series #1) is a standalone full-length novel. You do not have to read the Ravage MC series to follow this book, but if you’d like to see where it all started, you really should. **


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Bound by Family ©Ryan Michele 2017

Unedited and subject to change.


Chaos surrounds me like a shroud of darkness. The weight on top of me pushes my small body hard into the linoleum floor of the clubhouse. All the while, screams echo the space. Leggs slaps a hand over my mouth and whispers in my ear, “Shh … Cooper. You’ve gotta stay really quiet.” Her weight holds me down to the point I can’t move my legs or arms even though I squirm, wanting to get free.

My eyes peer around lifting up to see a man holding a gun to my Grandma’s head. He’s yelling or at least with my one ear covered it sounds like it. Fear hits me as the man holds the gun out, aims and fires. The sound is loud and cracks like a whip. My head jerks to the side as I watch my mother fall to the ground with dark red blood coming out of her leg.

“No!” the words are muffled by a hand that grips tighter and her words for me to be quiet are ignored. I use every bit of my tiny body to try and get free, wishing I was big like my dad then I could move. My mom is only a little bit away from me. I just need to get to her.

Tears spring from my eyes as she holds her leg making sounds she shouldn’t be making. No mommy!

I bolt up from bed, gasping then blinking. A light sheen of sweat coats my skin. Rubbing my hand over my face, the memories cling to me like a dark cloak. In that moment, I knew I’d do anything to protect those I love. Whatever price. Whatever it took. My family comes first. We are bound together.



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