I am so excited to show you the cover of Wanting You! I absolutely love it.

Huge Thank You to Melissa Gill over at MGbookcovers
K Keeton Photography for the beautiful picture!

A HUGE Thank you to the girls over at Reality Bites! Thank you so much for putting together this cover reveal!

I’m working on a November 2013 release date for the book and I can’t wait for you to meet Vann and Deke!

As you can see the skeleton key is on the spine of the book. It plays a big part in the story and I’m ecstatic that Melissa was able to put it in there and make it awesome.

Savannah ‘Vann’ Kelly knows the pain that love can bring, whether from family or a love lost. Being ripped from her home and forced to leave behind her boyfriend, has caused an ache she’s unsure will ever heal.
Five years later, Vann is back. While her day job is kept secret from most, the threat it poses throws her entire world off balance, putting her and those closest to her in danger.
Deke Sullivan’s life has been in a tailspin ever since his brother’s death. Everyone in his life has either betrayed or left him, making him who he is today. But behind his tough persona is still the man that craves the woman who left him all those years ago. One look into those blue-gray eyes sends his heart into overdrive, anger pulsating through him.
Can Deke move past the hurt? Will what became of Vann’s life after she left cause greater tragedy? Can first love prevail?
**Please note. This book is for mature audiences only. It contains very sexually explicit material, including a non-consensual sexual scene.**

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